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A complete emollient regimen is the basic of managing eczema-prone skin which includes bathing and moisturising.

1.Bathing/showering with Ceradan Wash, recommended at least once a day to prevent allergen and pathogen build up on your skin

2.Moisturise with Ceradan Cream within 3-5 mins after a bath/shower to lock in the moisture

3.Apply Ceradan soothing gel/Ceradan Hydra Moisturiser as and when necessary only to help soothe itchy skin. To be applied before moisturising with Ceradan Cream if necessary.


Ceradan Hydra is a hydrating moisturiser enriched with ceramide and sodium hyaluronate. The usage of Sodium hylauronate will helps to draw moisture into the skin.

The moisturiser that contain ceramide will also repair and strengthens the skin barrier by restoring the skin's natural compounds. Its 3:1:1 ratio will result transepidermal water loss (TEWL), also known as water loss from the skin, is the lowest. This means at 3:1:1 ratio of the lipids, the skin is kept hydrated as skin barrier is repaired optimally.

The moisturiser that enriched with ceramide will restores the barrier function by replenishing the skin physiological lipids (ceramid, chlesterol and free fatty acids) in an optimal ratio of 3:1:1. Gentle even for babies.